The Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association Alumni including past directors, fair queen courts and more.

Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association
Fair Queen's Court Alumni


71st Court • 2021
Queen: Mariah Castilleja
Princess: Hannah McMullen
Dutchess: Kailey Kuntschik

70th Court • 2019 & 2020
Queen: Shannon Anderson
Princess: Megan Good
Dutchess: Caleigh Ashcraft

69th Court • 2018
Queen: Janae Braune
Princess: Lindsi Thormahlen
Dutchess: Harley White

68th Court • 2017
Queen: Hailey Thorton
Princess: Justine Adams
Dutchess: Annalise Andersen

67th Court • 2016
Queen: Achlend Harborth
Princess: Jordon Herbold
Dutchess: Kaeghan Holt

66th Court • 2015
Queen: Jaycie Braune
Princess: Laurel Wilke
Dutchess: Heather Niles
Runner-up: Lexie Revell

65th Court • 2014
Queen: Megan Burgess
Princess: Natasha Elizabeth Kling
Dutchess: Dori Damerau

64th Court • 2013
Queen: Bailey Williams

63rd Court • 2012
Queen: Skyler Spain
Princess: Emily Richter
Dutchess: Amanda Bush

62nd Court • 2011
Queen: Cambry Koenen
Princess: Katie Voges
Dutchess: Lauren McCall

61st Court • 2010
Queen: Kimberly Rennspies
Princess: Maggie Mullins
Dutchess: Alex Christell Jacks

60th Court • 2009
Queen: Jaylynn Muenich
Princess: Amber Pfeuffer
Dutchess: Christianna Mueller

59th Court • 2008
Queen: Anna Rieley

58th Court • 2007
Queen: Emily Warnecke
Princess: Madeline Zwicke
Dutchess: Candyce Hartmann

57th Court • 2006
Queen: Brandy Canion

56th Court • 2005
Queen: Rachele Herzog
Princess: Kayla Childs
Dutchess: Krystal Cowey Gillett

55th Court • 2004
Queen: Katelynn Schultze Barnett
Princess: Morgan Burden
Dutchess: Michelle Bradley

54th Court • 2003
Queen: Chante Raeke
Princess: Kandi Knippa Helle

53rd Court • 2002
Queen: Kayla Luensmann
Princess: Hannah Zwicke Mancuso

52nd Court • 2001
Queen: Annalisa Cornado
Princess: Jessica Lackey Roberts
Dutchess: Janelle Rohde Lester

51st Court • 2000
Queen: Carri Schneider
Princess: Shawna E. Koehler
Dutchess: Katie Williams Vincent

50th Court • 1999
Queen: Rachel Francis
Princess: Stephanie Gangawer-Permenter

49th Court • 1998
Queen: Holly Hoyer

48th Court • 1997
Queen: Amy Mathies
Princess: Toni Schriewer

47th Court • 1996
Queen: Julie Rohde Wiley
Princess: Melissa Elsik Grimm
Dutchess: Kreshendalyn Elley Backus
Miss Congeniality: Christy Lynn Harrison Wilke

46th Court • 1995
Queen: Sara Anderson

45th Court • 1994
Queen: Erin Brown

44th Court • 1993
Queen: Michelle Maddox

43rd Court • 1992
Queen: Brandy Rounsaville

42nd Court • 1991
Queen: Brittany Koenig

41st Court • 1990
Queen: Amy Nickles
Princess: Jennifer Plant
Dutchess: Paula Burgess

40th Court • 1989
Queen: Tara Harborth Murdach

39th Court • 1988
Queen: Diana Kucherka Weber

38th Court • 1987
Queen: Lori Winklemann

37th Court • 1986
Queen:Pam Mickesh Manchack

36th Court • 1985
Queen: Kim Adkinson

35th Court • 1984
Queen: Carol Braune

34th Court • 1983
Queen: Emily Prochnow Huzer
Princess: Yvonne Jones

33rd Court • 1982
Queen: Susan K. Dryer

32nd Court • 1981
Queen: Rebecca Harborth Newton

31st Court • 1980
Queen: Julie Bauer

30th Court • 1979
Queen: Donna Luensmann Skogman

29th Court • 1978
Queen: Mary Lovette Riley

28th Court • 1977
Queen: Vickie Harris

27th Court • 1976
Queen: Julie Varna

26th Court • 1975
Queen: Susan Craft

25th Court • 1974
Queen: Lynn Walker

24th Court • 1973
Queen: Monica Seidenberger

23th Court • 1972
Queen: Dina Elsik

22nd Court • 1971
Queen: Correll King

21st Court • 1970
Queen: Ann Saegert

20th Court • 1969
Queen: Jenness Dietert

19th Court • 1968
Queen: Dorlyn Dickey

18th Court • 1967
Queen: Sarah Honsler

17th Court • 1966
Queen: Kay Zunker

16th Court • 1965
Queen: Joan Wright

15th Court • 1964
Queen: Lee Donegan

14th Court • 1963
Queen: Carol Jameson

13st Court • 1962
Queen: Diane Ripps

12th Court • 1961
Queen: Babs Buck

11th Court • 1960
Queen: Patsy Bauer

10th Court • 1959
Queen: Bunny Schroeder

9th Court • 1958
Queen: Jan Ryan

8th Court • 1957
Queen: Nancy Williams

7th Court • 1956
Queen: Dulane Bettge Falk

6th Court • 1955
Queen: Patsy Willman

5th Court • 1954
Queen: Janice Woods Windle

4th Court • 1953
Queen: Mimi Vetters

3rd Court • 1952
Queen: Helen Ann Medlwitz

2nd Court • 1951
Queen: Sandra Gingrich

1st Court • 1950
Queen: Mickey Moore Freking


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